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Created 19-Sep-18
28 photos

2018-19 Officers during ceremonyAbbe Morten - New MemberAbbe Morten icing her ankle at NHS Ceremony after injruing it at end of practiceAspen Jansen - New MemberAutumn Lammers - New MemberAutumn Lammers signs the NHS bookBen Reichle speaks on LeadershipDylan Dendinger - New MemberGrace Jansen - New MemberGrace Jansen signs the NHS bookGroup Photo NHS 2Group Photo NHS Funny PhotoGroup Photo NHSHailey Gottsche - New MemberKaitlyn Willis - New MemberKalyn Martinson - New MemberLincoln McPhillips - New MemberNew Members reciting pledgeNew Members reciting the National Honor Society PledgeNew President Willa Scoville lights the candle

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