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Created 16-Feb-18
116 photos

Abby Hochstein cutting net?Aiden Wortmann cutting netAiden Wortmann drives to the basketAiden Wortmann fouled on layup 2Aiden Wortmann fouled on layupAiden Wortmann pass to Madie ArensAnna Reifenrath 3pter 2Anna Reifenrath 3pterAnna Reifenrath 3pterAnna Reifenrath brings net down the ladderAnna Reifenrath cutting netAnna Reifenrath swings the net around her headAnna Reifenrath wearing the net around her neckAnna Reifenrath wearing the net around her netAnna sticks up one finger on the ladderAnna wins tipoffBrianna Miller battles for a reboundBrianna Miller cutting netBrynn Wortmann cutting netCedar bench celebrates going to state

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