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Created 26-Feb-19
32 photos

all smiles 2all smiles following the winCorey Uldrich and new baby watching the gameJake Peitz tough layupJake Pietz cutting down the netJake Pietz cutting the net downKobe Heitman and Sam Harms yell to the crowdKobe Heitman pass to Sam Harms in the paintKobe Heitman Sam Harms and Lincoln McPhillips head to the student sectionLincoln McPhillips jump shotLincoln McPhillips jumps into the paintLincoln McPhillips yells in excitement after the win 2Lincoln McPhillips yells in excitement after the winMatthew Meisenheimer cutting the net downMatthew Meisenheimer floater over defender for the basketMeisenheimer looks at where he should cut the netNick Haselhorst Sam Harms and Lincoln McPhillips excitedSam Harms and Kobe Heitman chest bumpSam Harms and Lincoln McPhillips both go up for a loose ballSam Harms contested shot

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