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Created 15-Jan-19
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Alex schmit goes to pin KorthAlex Schmit vs Turner KorthAlex Shmit and Turner Korth react to the Schmit winBloomquist goes to escape Koch's graspBrandon Bloomquist goes to throw Morgan KochCarson Jones grapplesCarson Jones with his parentsCarson Jones yanked backwardsCarson JonesCoaches Matt wortmann and Cameron SchremppCole Steffense looks at ref as he goes for pinCole Steffense works for the pinCole Steffensen goes in for the family hugCole Steffensen tries to get leverage on Osmond wrestlerCole Steffensen works to flip BC opponentCole Steffensen wrestles a battle creek opponentConner Hochstein 1Conner Hochstein first win 2Conner Hochstein first winConner Hochstein hugs his mother

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