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Created 26-May-22
21 photos

Abrielle Nelson walking at start of graduationAlexa Wamberg and Mercedes CarlAli Lundberg with parentsBrandon Kristensen with parents 1Brandon Kristensen with parents 2Chloe Johnson hugging someoneCole Story hugging someone 1Cole Story hugging someone 2Darla Nelson with parentsDusty Sullivan shaking hands with Claire KummEmily Woockman hugging someoneGreg Conn hugs Emily KleinschmitGreg Conn hugs Reghan BloomquistHailey Seagren with parentsKyle Stevens shakes Noah Mueller's handLeah Bloomquist with mom MikaelaMadisyn West hugging Holly JohnsonSamantha Stevens hugging Abrielle NelsonShane Anderson and Leah BloomquistTyler Baue walking at start of graduation

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