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Created 26-Oct-18
70 photos

Abby Hochstein digAbby Hochstein kill 2Abby Hochstein kill 3Abby Hochstein kill 4Abby Hochstein killAbby Hochstein killAbby hochstein looks on at an attempted block by Battle CreekAbby Hochstein spikeAbby Hochstein volleyAbby Hochstein waits for a Creighton serveAbby Hochstein's spike makes it past the two blockers, but Pierce's Maggie Brahmeris there for the returnAiden Wortmann serveBrianna Miller goes up for a kill but Katrina Meier is there for a blockBrianna Miller serve 1Brianna Miller serve 2Brianna Miller serveBrianna Miller spike is blockedBrianna Miller tries to get over in time for a blockCedar Catholic band 2Cedar Catholic band

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